Dear PNM by Maya Heckart

Dear PNM,

For starters, PNM stands for ‘Potential New Member.’ That was one of many sorority related things I didn’t know until days after I joined Zeta Tau Alpha. Welcome to the PNM life.

There is a reason you are here. Maybe it was a last minute decision you made just to “try it out.” Maybe you decided to do recruitment because your roommate was and you “thought it’d be fun so, why not?” Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve had a Pinterest board dedicated to all things sorority since your Junior year in HS. Your mom was in a sorority and her countless stories and memories she has shared with you from her experience only got you more excited for recruitment to finally begin.

You may share the same reason as someone else, perhaps many others. Regardless, the entire recruitment process is different for everyone.

They tell you a lot of things that you get tired of hearing: “trust the process,” “follow your heart,” “smile” etc etc etc. As a PNM, these words don’t mean anything, really. You think nothing of it.

Truthfully, what they don’t tell you, is how mentally, physically, emotionally, and--maybe for some--spiritually exhausting the entire recruitment process is. I can easily say that my self-esteem went down the drain because I was constantly comparing myself to other PNM’s and thinking that I wasn’t good enough. Would you believe me if I told you that on Bid Day, although I truly loved ZTA, I was highly considering dropping because I just hated the system? I was honestly at an all time low throughout the whole thing. At the beginning I was ecstatic, but towards the end, I was completely over it. I thought it would be enjoyable the whole time--getting to dress cute and do your makeup to show your personality, talking to so many girls you’ve never met before and getting to know them better, going through a process that will lead me to my girl gang...

Yes, those things are good, girly things are SO true. Those are the aspects, in my opinion, that make the recruitment process worth it. I’m here to tell you, though, that it isn’t always painted nails and glossed lips.

But let👏me👏tell👏you👏… When that is ALL over, the best is yet to come…

Running (sprinting from all the adrenaline buildup) home, choosing and joining Zeta was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. Look at that, another cliche phrase that every other sorority girl uses. Yeah, you hear it so often because of how true it is. I found my girl gang of 150+ girls!!! I met my two best friends on bid day THAT LIVED ON MY FLOOR!!! We didn’t even KNOW each other until I jokingly said how I wanted to take my RA to formal. If that wasn’t meant to be…

Do you know how fun being a member in a sorority/ZTA, specifically- is?! Having sisterhoods with your best friends, wearing ridiculous outfits to themed date parties, dressing up for formal, eating dinner with your zistas in the dining hall, wearing cute sorority clothes, goofing off at chapter (sorry hazel)...

Y’all, Zeta has given me SO much in only 6ish months. AND, I have yet to live in the zouse with my zistas for an entire school year. From the very beginning of recruitment, I had the realest conversations with girls who left an impression on me; they made my first experiences at Zeta memorable. I’ve met girls who make me laugh out the wazoo, girls who inspire and challenge me to be better and do more, girls who I can learn from and who I look up to, and girls who I know will be friends (maybe even bridesmaids;)) for life.

I’ve gained more than what I could’ve imagined possible. I am so beyond blessed to be in a sorority with girls who share the same values and morals (and humor hehe) as I do.

Looking back, I get why they said all those things, all the time. Things may not work out the way you envisioned them to, but that’s how it was always meant to be.

Zeta Tau Alpha has given me the best things in life.

↣ Trust the process, follow your heart, think pink, and go find your girl gang ↢


♥ Maya PC 19

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