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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Zeta Tau Alpha Programming Council is composed of 28 women who serve as Directors, Chairmen, and Executive Council Assistants. These women are at the heart of almost all programming that goes on within Alpha Omicron - from sisterhoods to date parties to professional development events and everything in between. Get to know these incredible women below!

Mara Jendro, Corresponding Secretary

Mara is a First-Year student from Johnston, IA studying Neurobiology on the Pre-Med track. Mara is excited to be on Programming Council this year because ‘it will give me the opportunity to be more involved and meet great ladies within ZTA.”

Kate Barbknecht, Director of Sisterhood

Kate is a third-year Elementary Education major from Gurnee, IL. Kate loves ZTA “because it gave me all of my best friends. I couldn’t be more thankful for the women that I have met, they have truly changed my life. Creating lifelong friends who I’ll know for the rest of my life is a gift that I will be forever grateful for.”

Grace Coleman, Director of Membership Enrichment

Grace is a third-year student from Johnston, IA studying to become a Nurse. Grace is excited for her position because “I love being a part of leadership within ZTA and mentoring younger members so they can become the best leaders they can be and push our chapter further!” Additionally, she loves Alpha Omicron because “ZTA is my home & my people! It’s where I have met my best friends, learned what it takes to be a good leader, and felt more loved than I could ever describe. I have never met a group of humans who are more different yet so united in all the things that matter most. I’m so proud to be a Zeta!”

Julia Waters, Director of Social Events

Julia is a third-year student from Eagan, MN majoring in Biochemistry on the Pre-PA track. Julia loves ZTA because “it has challenged me to become a better person, through leadership, academics and in all that I do. I am so grateful for the amazing women in AO who are in my life and will be in it forever!”

Olivia Hildreth, Director of Activities

Olivia is a third-year student from Humboldt, IA studying Nursing. She loves ZTA “because every member is so unique and brings different perspectives and talents together to make our chapter great!”

Morgan Thorpe, Senior Chairman

Morgan is a Third-Year student from Pleasantville, IA studying Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Morgan loves ZTA because “Zeta has been a place for me to call home because of the people I can go to for anything - big and small. I see so many beautiful differences in personalities and leadership styles, and they mesh together so well. I am inspired and motivated by women in this chapter.”

Elena Koufis, Alumnae Relations Chairman

Elena is a third-year student from Palatine, IL studying Psychology and Secondary Education. Elena loves ZTA because “Zeta has made me a better version of myself. All these ladies have allowed me a space to be myself to the fullest extent. I’ve met my best friends who are there for me for every aspect of my life, good or bad. ZTA has given me a home away from home and I’m so proud to wear these letters.”

Katie Kositzke, FRED Chairman

Katie is a first-year Communication Studies major from Kenosha, WI. Katie is excited “to help educate my sisters on the history of our sorority” this year. Katie loves Alpha Omicron “because of the support my sisters give me every single day.”

Sam Stucky, Sunshine Chairman

Sam is a first-year student studying Political Science & Ethics and Public Policy on the Pre-Law track. She is originally from Shoreview, MN. Sam is excited for her role as Sunshine Chairman because “My position gives me the ability to connect with so many women in a positive way. It allows for encouragement and joy, especially when something tough is going on. Being Sunshine Chairman allows me to break Greek stereotypes about tearing women down, and build new ideas about what Zeta and what Greek life is.”

Marissa Flack, Sustainability Chairman

Marisa is a first-year student from Mount Prospect, IL majoring in Psychology while getting a certificate in Disability Studies. Marisa is excited “to spread awareness about a topic that has only recently been highlighted in the media on its importance to our planet’s wellbeing!”

Ellie Wichman, Internal Campus Relations Chairman

Ellie is a first-year student from Herndon, Virginia studying Dance on the Pre-Med track. Ellie loves ZTA because “everyone is so genuine and unique and because we are all so passionate about furthering our chapter and making it the best it can be.”

Madeline Ward, External Social Events

Madeline is a first-year student from Fairfield, IA studying Marketing. Madeline loves Alpha Omicron because “ZTA brings me an army of supporting and loving women and make me a stronger and better woman every day being surrounded by them. I feel like I truly belong and love my relationship with every Zeta. They bring me so much happiness seeing them on campus.”

Paige Reckamp, Parents' Events Chairman

Paige is a Third-Year student from Crystal Lake, IL studying Political Science on a Pre-Law track. Paige loves ZTA because “I have met my absolute best friends from this chapter. Everyone is so down to earth and genuine. I can count on each and every one of these girls for a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on. I also have grown a lot as a person especially after taking on a leadership role.”

Quinn McDermott, Service Chairman

Quinn is a Third-Year student from Waukee, IA studying Health and Human Physiology. Quinn is excited “to help girls find volunteer opportunities they are passionate about and working together as a chapter to give back to our community!” She loves ZTA because “everyone in this chapter is so kind-hearted and welcoming. This chapter has opened up so many new opportunities for me and I am so thankful to call Zeta my home!”

Elizabeth Nguyen, Signs Chairman

Elizabeth is a second-year Psychology major on the Pre-OT track from Lakeville, MN. Elizabeth loves ZTA “because of its inspiring women leading this chapter and always striving to create a better experience for its members. In general, all AO chapter members are so inspiring. They also motivated me to apply for programming council - something I’d never have the guts to do previously. They’ve really helped me be more confident in myself, and that’s something I‘ll forever be grateful for.”

Skylar Schneider, Apparel Chairman

Skylar is a second-year Biomedical Engineering student from St.Louis, MO. Skylar loves ZTA because “It’s so inclusive and inviting. Everyone is so down to earth and wants to have a great time!”

Rachel Orpano, Health and Wellness Chairman

Rachel is a second-year student from Lindenhurst, IL, double majoring in Biochemistry and Biology. Rachel is excited to be Health and Wellness Chairman because “I'm able to make a difference in the health and wellness of our members!”

Cayla Attwood, Inclusion Chairman

Cayla is a first-year student studying pre-nursing from Marion, IA. Cayla is excited “to take part in making our chapter more inclusive and welcoming. I hope to make every zeta feel like they belong and show how our differences make us who we are.”

Bryanna Hybert, Bid Day Coordinator

Bryanna is a Junior from Crete, IL studying Enterprise Leadership. She loves Alpha Omicron because she has “been able to meet some amazing women and really learn more about myself through the opportunities ZTA has given me.”

Julia Krischel, New Member Assistant

Julia is a first-year student from Excelsior, MN studying Biology on the Pre-PA track. Julia loves Alpha Omicron because “of the community it has created for me. ZTA has a great group of girls who continue to inspire me each and every day and who also support me always!”

Natalie Scholl, Recruitment Assistant

Natalie is a sophomore from Mason City, IA studying Human Physiology. She is most excited about recruitment because she gets to “help out our Vice President of Membership in bringing home our newest class of ZTA women!” Natalie loves ZTA because “I went to a super small school and knew everyone super well so I was really scared about finding a second family at school, Zeta brought me exactly what I was looking for and gives me the chance to be myself and grow.”

Hannah Alvarado, Music Chairman

Hannah is a first-year student from Gilberts, IL studying Health and Human Physiology. When asked about her position, Hannah said “I am so excited to teach and practice our ritual songs with our chapter, as well as being able to work on chants during work week! We can’t wait to welcome home PC ‘20 next semester!”

Audrey Jestel, Philanthropy Assistant

Audrey is a first-year student from Davenport,IA. She is majoring in Biology while minoring in both French and German. Audrey is excited to be the philanthropy assistant because she is “excited to have a leadership position and help be a part of organizing Zeta events.”

Olivia Horan, 5k Coordinator

Olivia is a third-year Nursing student from Naperville, IL. She loves ZTA because of “the authenticity, passion, and diverse personalities that exist within our chapter. Every member of our chapter makes others feel welcomed and comfortable and we all have so much fun goofing off with each other. I have met so many of my best friends through Zeta and I know they will be lifelong friendships!”

Kacie Frederick, Fundraising Treasurer

Kacie is a first-year student originally from Dallas, TX studying English, Creative Writing, and Philosophy. Kacie is excited to be “more involved in Zeta and with our amazing philanthropy.” Additionally, Kacie loves ZTA because of “all my close friends and the values we all share”.

Autumn Rodeffer, Ritual Assistant

Autumn is a first-year student from Cedar Rapids, IA. Autumn is excited “to help out the new members with learning and understanding our rituals!” Additionally, Autumn loves Alpha Omicron because “I have a group of girls I can love and count on forever!”

Julia Davis and Sam Uditsky, Historian Assistants

Julia is a first-year student from Urbandale, IA studying to become a Nurse! Julia is looking forward to her year as a Historian Assistant because “I’m excited to get creative & help make some unique/engaging ZTA content!” Additionally, she loves ZTA because “it has given me so many role models to look up to!”

Sam is a first-year student from Elmhurst, IL studying Art and Psychology. Sam is excited to be “able to add to the Zeta community and capture all of our amazing moments!” She loves Alpha Omicron because “ZTA feels like home! It’s a wonderful collection of strong women that make me feel welcomed and loved.”

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