My Zeta Why by Grace Hertz

Moving into the Zouse after having only been involved in ZTA virtually, I was excited to get to know the girls in my pledge class on a deeper level. I thought it would take a while to begin building friendships and making memories, but it took almost no time at all. My reason for loving ZTA and the amazing women that are a part of it happened during my first week at the house, work week.

I had spent the summer as a camp counselor in Colorado, where I met a guy I was actively talking to while moving into the house. Halfway through work week, he asked me out. Just like that, I had my first ever boyfriend. I went to bed that night excited for the start of our relationship. The next day, he told me he made a mistake and felt he’d asked me out too soon. He asked for another day to make his final decision. That evening, he broke up with me, only 23 hours after we had started dating. My first ever boyfriend, and it lasted for less than a day. I remember sobbing on the front porch of the house with my roommate when she said she’d be right back. She came back out with three other zetas in tow. Every single one of them hugged me and began hyping me up. They made jokes to make me feel better and coaxed me back inside to watch a movie. The girls made me laugh while they made cookies in a toaster oven and got me a bowl of ice cream. None of them made me feel weird about crying in front of them or having had a 23 hour relationship. Instead, they just surrounded me with love and did their best to comfort me. When I went upstairs, ready to curl up and fall asleep, I found sticky notes all over my door telling me how loved I was and complimenting me. The next morning, one of the girls bought me coffee and a donut. The girls continued to follow up and check in on me throughout the rest of the week. Later, when I started dating the same guy again, they remained supportive while also doing their best to make sure he wouldn’t hurt me again (we’re still together currently, in case you were curious).

It was this experience that made me fall in love with all of the amazing and spunky women in zeta. They picked me up when I was down without expecting anything in return and were supportive of my later decisions. They showed me so much love and kindness. I love getting to live in a house with so many independent and unique women. Every single girl in zeta has something amazing to bring to the table, and I’m glad I get to be part of it.


Grace Hertz

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