Why Zeta, Why PHC

For as long as I can remember, I always pictured myself joining a sorority, and that is ALL because of my mom (Nancy) and her BFFL/sorority sister (Traci). Traci and my mom have had an inseparable bond since the beginning days of their friendship--back in college when they were in a sorority. That friendship has formed into a family with the numerous family float trips our families go on, the holidays and anniversaries we spend together, and the way that it is just easier to refer to Traci as my aunt, her husband my uncle, and her kids my cousins. Everything that biological families do together, our families do together.

Needless to say, one of the main reasons I went through recruitment—aside from the countless leadership positions and philanthropic opportunities, the fun social events and sisterhoods to look forward to, and the potential to make SO many new and lifelong friends—was to find the Traci to my Nancy.

Zeta was a house that stood out to me from the moment I laid eyes on it, literally. When I walked up the hill on Burlington Street and saw the Zeta house perfectly decorated with the hanging ferns, I kid you not—and you don’t have to believe me—but something just clicked instantly. With that strong feeling, I walked in to the Zouse super excited to talk with the girls. That feeling was solidified when I my now big and I had the best conversations that flowed into the next about topics that I was passionate about and interested in. The rest of the girls I talked to in Zeta felt like long-time friends. Everything was real and raw and genuine.

All those feelings made even more sense when I eagerly returned for the “Sisterhood” round and the first thing I saw when I walked back into the Zouse was the neon “Empower” sign on the flower wall. I remember thinking “Okay you guys are just doing EVERYTHING RIGHT!! This must be the place…”

Round after round, the feeling of “home” kept making more since at Zeta. When I opened my bid on bid day to see “Alpha Omicron, Zeta Tau Alpha,” I think I might’ve given the loudest scream in the room filled with all the other PNM’s who were also screaming. I sprinted to the group of zetas waiting for all of us other new baby zetas outside of the IMU. From there, and with the plethora of adrenaline I still had built up, I ran home to 815 E Burlington Street and spent bid day with my new zistas. It wasn’t until later that night when I jokingly mentioned how I was going to take my RA to formal, when two other new members and I made the connection that we lived in the same dorm on the same floor! Little did I know that in that silly goofy moment, I had found the Traci to my Nancy in a small-town girl from Iowa, Laura Kaliban.

Now, I could write a novel on LJ, but to keep it short and to give an idea, we do practically everything together: whether that be swinging at College Green, walking around Iowa City, watching the bachelorette, working out and training for a marathon, making tik toks… you name it, Laura and I have been there, done that. That girl makes me genuinely LAUGH, and not many people can. I know that I can share anything with her, and her anything with me. We bicker and talk like a married couple, and our list of inside jokes will never stop growing. She is one of select people who I let run my social battery. She is my future maid-of-honor.

I will always be grateful for Zeta for giving me her.

The friendships that I have made since joining Zeta Tau Alpha and becoming a member two years ago around this time, don’t stop there. I have met my other besties who:

⁃ Make me laugh like no other

⁃ Push me and motivate me to be the best version of myself

⁃ I love love love spending time with

⁃ I KNOW are 4lifersss

Let me tell you; feelings, and friends like that are irreplaceable.

Here's to finding your BFFL, the Traci to your Nancy!!!!!

Wherever it is you end up, I can promise you that the girls in your chapter will be some of the very best you will ever meet.

Zeta Love,

Maya, PC 19

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