ZTA Takes on Dance Marathon 26!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

“...the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was love, ‘the greatest of all things.’”

As Zeta Tau Alpha’s national philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness, our chapter is thrilled to extend the same emotional and financial support to pediatric oncology patients and their families through the University of Iowa’s Dance Marathon. February 7th, 2020 marked the UIDM's 26th, “Big Event”, and we are so proud of our sisters who fundraised, ran, and danced their way throughout this past year!

At this year’s Big Event, Zetas came alongside a community of 4,000+ passionate individuals to celebrate and honor the brave kids who are battling cancer. Their commitment to serve this community has been demonstrated through hair donations, volunteering, and of course, dancing for 24 consecutive hours. This year alone, the Alpha Omicron chapter raised $29,145.98 FTK, nearly $10,000 more than last year, and was ranked among the top 5 highest donating sororities at the University of Iowa!

Check out what a few of our members had to say about their experience:

Bryanna Hybert and Allyson Adriano pose for a picture at DM26

“My experience with dance marathon was challenging but so rewarding. It was amazing to see how many lives we were able to change and see the impact we had on families first hand. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of such an amazing organization and I can’t wait to see what Dance Marathon continues to do for the kiddos!” -- Bryanna Hybert, Junior

“My dance marathon experience was full of emotion. I didn’t know what to expect as an out of state student who had little knowledge about the organization, but as the night progressed I understood the importance of our goals. To see the kiddos dancing with us and the families that were affected by Dance Marathon was overwhelming. The night itself was filled with endless fun and dancing, but the impact we made on those families is what will stay with me the longest.” -- Katie Kositzke, Freshman

“The past three years in UIDM have filled my heart with joy and given me a new perspective on the beauty and fragility of life. Dance Marathon has taught me to love deeper, dream bigger, and speak out against the injustices of this world. I will never understand why cancer has to exist, but I know one thing is for sure— we make miracles happen when we fight together.” -- Elizabeth Johnson, Junior

Click through more photos from the event below!

Think Pink. Think Zeta. Think FTK.

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