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"Seek the noblest"

9 key values:

Here in Zeta Tau Alpha, we strive to live our lives in accordance with our 9 key values of:

Being rather than seeming 

As a sisterhood, we strive to establish a community of genuine, diverse, and bold women who are not afraid to live with authenticity. We value individuality and celebrate the unique qualities each member brings to the chapter.



Humility calls us to be humble in our thoughts and actions, always seeking to serve others before ourselves.


Leaders unify, inspire, and cultivate the means for positive change. As a chapter, we strive to initiate such change and continually seek progress both in and beyond our organization.

Lifelong Learning

We value the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and skills through the means of lifelong experience and sincere curiosity. We aim to be well educated, competent, and resilient individuals who can overcome any task.


We strive to cultivate a community of kindness through genuine appreciation and friendship. Even beyond our chapter, we hope to extend compassion and sincere care to all people.

Loyalty & Commitment

Devotion to the mission and members of Zeta Tau Alpha is a lifelong responsibility. No matter where we are, we’re called to uphold The Creed’s values and, “have the welfare and harmony of the fraternity at heart.”


By holding each other accountable for our words and actions, we’re able to establish a community of trust. Responsibility, although upheld by each member, is also the mission of the chapter as a whole.

Seeking understanding that we might gain true wisdom

We strive to have a deeper understanding of the world around us so we may be better equipped to utilize our knowledge in a purposeful and impactful way.

Service & Philanthropy

Since Zeta Tau Alpha’s national philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness, we seek to passionately serve our community and those affected by cancer. Through various platforms, events, and volunteers, our chapter engages in a spectrum of philanthropic matters year-round.


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