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"Striving ever to make our lives a symphony of high ideals, devotion to the right, the good, and the true"

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Why you should go through recruitment from the perspective of three ZTAs:

Abbi Singer

PC '19

"The reason I love ZTA is mainly because the fraternity has helped me step out of my comfort zone BIG time. I, of course, love meeting new people, but it was always hard for me to feel that connection organically. The girls that I have gravitated towards have all been girls I‘ve wound up developing a wonderful relationship with and as bummed as I am about COVID taking away the last few months of our semester, I’ve still kept in contact with those beautiful ladies!"


Natalie Scholl

PC '18

“Having come from a small high school, making friends felt daunting when I arrived at the University of Iowa. However, I quickly found not just friends, but a family in the women of Zeta Tau Alpha. My sisters push me to step outside my comfort zone and be the best version of myself. I have ZTA to thank for the wonderful friendships I have made and the confidence I have gained from them.”

ZETA (30 of 206).jpg

Grace Coleman

Pc '17

"When I first walked through the doors of 815 E Burlington street almost three years ago,  I truly had no idea what an impact the women of Zeta Tau Alpha would have on my life. In Zeta I found more than just my “college friends”- I found my people, my cheerleaders, my support system when life gets tough, and a place I can call home for the rest of my life.  Because of the women of AO, I have learned how to be a leader, how to be a follower of other amazing leaders, how to be a world changer, and most importantly how to be a friend to all.  The life lessons and values I have gained from my time as a ZTA thus far will follow me wherever I go as I hope to continue to live out our creed even beyond my college years."

Recruitment Resoruces
A Letter from our VP of Recruitment:

Dear Potential New Member,


For many of you, your senior year of high school did not end the way you had expected. I am so sorry that you were unable to have many of the experiences you were looking forward to. In a time filled with uncertainty and disappointment, I want you to know that there are so many opportunities and friends waiting for you here at Iowa, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our campus!


One thing that has remained constant for me during this difficult time has been the support that I have received from my sisters in Zeta Tau Alpha. This is why I am so happy that you have made the decision to go through Primary Recruitment! The recruitment process may look a bit different this year, but the overall outcome is still the same; you have the opportunity to join an organization in which you will meet your best friends and make lifelong connections. I can confidently say that deciding to join a sorority has positively impacted my college experience tremendously, and I hope that you will soon be able to say so as well!


When I went through recruitment as a freshman, I had no idea what do expect. It is common to feel nervous and easy to feel the need to impress the women inside each house, but in reality we are only looking for you to be your most authentic self. Show the women in each chapter what you are passionate about, make connections over shared values, ask questions about each chapter, and worry less about every conversation being perfect, because in the end you will find the home that suits you best. A virtual recruitment is new for all of us, meaning a senior chapter member is just as unfamiliar and nervous as you are. While it is not what we originally expected, I am so excited to adapt to a new version of this process together in order to get to know you all!


It is normal to have questions about an experience you have yet to have, so don’t be afraid to reach out to a member of the Panhellenic community and ask away! If you haven’t already registered, I hope we can help convince you to do so, because making the decision to Go Greek will change your life forever. As the process approaches, take a deep breath, keep an open mind, and, most importantly, have FUN while you find your home away from home!



Natalie Scholl

VP of Recruitment

Additional Recruitment Resources:

Iowa Fraternity and Soroity Life Website:


Link to sign up for recruitment:

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