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     Zeta Tau Alpha’s national philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness. With one in eight American women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, this is a cause many of our members have personal connections to. It is our mission to support and fundraise for this cause in order to positively impact all those affected and diminish this disease. 


     Junior Skylar Schneider speaks on what this cause means to her and her family, "​Two and a half years ago, my Aunt Steph lost her 17-year long battle to breast cancer. She was no ordinary aunt; she was like a second mother. Following her passing from breast cancer, I was beyond devastated, heartbroken, and lost for many months. Trying to comprehend that there is not a cure for this deadly disease took time in which I found relief in Zeta Tau Alpha. As a member of ZTA, I have generated more awareness about breast cancer in my community. With one in eight women diagnosed with this devastating disease, it is important to continually educate women about the possible risk and the tools available for early detection. Our philanthropy means much more than just a pink ribbon and a one-time event. It lets women know that if they do happen to face breast cancer, they are never alone."

"Our   philanthropy  means  much  more  than  just  a  pink  ribbon  and a  one-time  event.  It  lets   women  know  that  if they do  happen to face  breast  cancer,  they  are  never  alone."

     As a chapter, Alpha Omicron does many things in support of this cause. We pass out pink ribbons on campus to raise awareness, hold an annual 5k, and put on a spring philanthropy. One of the biggest events we put on is our annual 5k. For 20 years now, our community has come together to race in support of breast cancer education and awareness. Kyla Daley, former Vice President of Philanthropy, stated, "As Zeta Tau Alpha we have a unique opportunity to support a cause thats main goal is to educate and empower women. I am consistently uplifted by the strong women around me. My college years have brought me so much growth and for that I can thank the women of ZTA. I am so lucky to serve as VP of Philanthropy and I am so excited to empower and educate women within our community!"

Upcoming Philanthropy events:

Zeta Tau Alpha Annual 5k

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