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10 Things To Do While Social Distancing

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Life feels a little weird right about now. With the current COVID-19 outbreak, things seem a little bit scary as universities are moving online and businesses are shutting down. While this extended time away from Iowa City feels very uncertain, it is important for us all to stay positive and realize the importance of social distancing right now. If you’re anything like me, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to do at home for weeks. So, I sat down and brainstormed 10 things to do while stuck at home that might take your mind off things for a little while.

1. FaceTime your friends!

It’s so important for us to remember that social distancing does NOT mean isolation! Calling your friends is a great way to catch up with each other, keep you grounded, and maintain your relationships while still practicing good health and being safe. There are also some really cool apps that allow you to FaceTime multiple people at once! I used to love using House Party and might have to re-download!

2. Create a “Vision Board”

Moving to online classes is a huge change for a lot of us, and if you’re anything like me, you might be very nervous about staying motivated and on top of things. One thing that I will be doing is creating a sort of vision board for my new computer screensaver! Look online for some motivating quotes or pictures to remind you of where you wanna end up!

Here is a great link for some more inspiration!

3. Go Outside

Even though you should be staying home, going outside can make you feel so much better both mentally and physically. Open your windows for some fresh air, or if it’s nice outside, take a book and go sit outside! (if you live somewhere warm, this could be a great chance to get a head start on your summer tan!!)

4. Do some spring cleaning!

Personally, I have a huge shopping addiction and constantly am overfilling my closet. I know I am going to use some of this time to sort through and determine the things I really need and open up some space in my room.

5. Learn to cook something new!

If your parents cook, ask them to help show you how to make one of your favorite homemade dishes. If not, Pinterest is always a good place to look! I can’t wait to learn how to make lasagna!

6. Read a Book!

I love reading but always seem to struggle to find time in my school schedule to sit down and read a good book, so these next few weeks will be perfect for me to get back into something I love! If you need a few suggestions, here are a few of my personal favorites:

  1. When Life Gives You Lululemons--- Lauren Weisberger

  2. The Book Thief -- Markus Zusak

  3. If I Stay --- Gayle Forman

  4. The Longest Ride --- Nicholas Sparks

  5. A Spark of Light --- Jodi Picoult

7. Have a movie/game night!

If you’re home with your family, take a moment to really cherish this extra time you get to spend with them! Pull out some old board games and your favorite movies and have a little family night! If you’re not with family, movie nights are awesome regardless!

8. Work on Fitness!

I definitely got a little freaked out when I saw that some gyms were closing their doors. Working out is something that is really important to my mental and physical health, so I panicked when I realized I did not know where to go to workout. However, it is totally possible to workout from home! There’s a variety of great YouTubers with some killer at-home workouts so you can still get your sweat on and reach your fitness goals! One of my personal favorites is Alexis Ren--- that girl can really help you get into shape! Additionally, Lululemon has a YouTube channel where they post a wide variety of workouts.

Also check out our Zeta Strong instagram account for more health and wellness inspiration and recommendations.

9. Watch YouTube!

Whether it’s a drawing tutorial, a vlog, or a quick crash course video, YouTube is one of my favorite places to go when I am looking for something to do or looking to learn something new!

10. Create some new playlists or look into podcasts!

This is a great time to listen to your favorite songs and maybe find some more! I know my Spotify will be popping off with a variety of playlists in the next couple weeks! Additionally, podcasts are a great alternative to put on and listen to while you are doing something else. Zeta Strong has a new podcast recommendation every week you can check out!

While this all feels really uncertain and scary, it is so important for us to try to see the light in the world! Precautions are so necessary and NONE of them mean that relationships will be stopped. Always remember that your Zeta sisters are here for you throughout this time. I can’t wait to see everyone again soon! ZLAM!

Written by Natalie Scholl

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