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Alumnae Spotlight: Liv Dieschbourg

This week we chose to spotlight a recent AO alumnae, Liv Dieschbourg! Keep reading to find out a bit more about her experiences in Alpha Omicron, as well as what life is like as a ZTA Leadership Consultant!

Degree: Management and Organizations

Years in ZTA? 2015 - 2019

Did you have any leadership positions while you were in ZTA?

Panhellenic Delegate, New Member Coordinator and Panhellenic VP of Leadership and Education


I am traveling as a ZTA Leadership Consultant. I am currently in Texas, but have visited 12 chapters so far this year.

Where are you originally from?

Decorah, Iowa

Where do you currently reside?

Out of a Suitcase!

What did Zeta Tau Alpha provide you with that you couldn’t have gotten anywhere else?

Through ZTA, I gained confidence in my ability to lead. I also gained some of my best friend and best memories that I will take with me for many years.

What is your favorite ZTA memory?

The bid day that my committee and I planned while I was New Member Coordinator definitely sticks out for me. Our theme was NFL and we celebrated in the football stadium press box. Seeing our plans come to fruition was so fun.

What advice to you have for college aged women?

Everything happens for a reason, so don't stress about what didn't work out for you. It will all end up as it is supposed to be.

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