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Sisterhood is Stronger

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The past few weeks have been uncharted territory for many of us. Amidst feelings of worry or uncertainty, Alpha Omicron has been doing everything in our power to make sure our members are maintaining the strong sense of connectedness that makes our chapter so unique. If anything, this time has proved to us that the relationships we make here in Zeta Tau Alpha can withstand distance, time apart, and uncertainty. Today, we would like to provide you with an update on what the women of our chapter have been doing to continue to foster sisterhood during this challenging time.

1. Online Sisterhoods

Our leadership teams have been hard at work making sure that we have fun activities planned for the women of our chapter. Some of our favorites so far have been learning Tik Toks with each other, taking an online calligraphy class, and participating in an online yoga class!

2. Other Online Programming

Apart from sisterhoods, Alpha Omicron is also taking time to enrich our chapter in other ways. For example, our FRED chairman Katie Kositzke recently gave a presentation via zoom on our core value of “being rather than seeming.” Additionally, we recently had Gina from the Pomerantz career center present to us on how to improve our resumes.

3. Social Media and Website

Social media has played a huge role in keeping our chapter in touch during this time. In the past few weeks, we have posted sister shout outs, recommended quarantine favorites, held an alternative virtual mom's weekend, and written a variety of blog posts! If you are not already, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to stay updated up to date!

Additionally, we put on our first ZTA Spirit Week! Each day, members were invited to make a post aligning with the theme for that day. You can view the full week on our "Spirit Week" Instagram story highlight!

4. Zoom leadership meetings

Our Executive Council and Programming Council meetings have moved online! We are so grateful to still have the opportunity to interact with one another in this way. A big thank you to all the leaders in our chapter who have put their all into making sure we still have a strong sense of sisterhood during this exceptional time.

5. Continued Fundraising for Our Philanthropy

Philanthropy is something that has always united our chapter in a meaningful way. While our spring events may have been cancelled, we have not stopped fundraising for Breast Cancer Education and Awareness! If you would like to make a donation, you can click this link.

These are just some of the many ways our sisterhood continues to prevail. We are so proud of all the hard work the amazing women of our chapter continue to put in and cannot wait to be reunited in the fall!

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