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10 Things To Do Throughout Your 4 Years In a Sorority by Madison Stuckmaier

1. Make friends throughout the rush process

- Rushing a sorority was such an insane process for me and everyone else. While you are

super focused on finding the right house, take some time to make some friends along the

way. You truly never know if the girl standing next to you in line might be your future sister!

This ended up being the case for me. We were able to lean on each other and talk out our

nerves before entering different houses. I also met other girls that ended up in different

houses and we are still great friends today! Spoiler alert, I ended up going to their date

parties and social events to meet even more friends.

2. Go all in after Bid Day

- The first semester is so overwhelming but attending every event you can makes it so worth

it. These are key moments to meet new sisters. I have countless pictures next to girls that I

had no idea someday would be my best friends. We had a pumpkin patch sisterhood, self-

care nights, “speed dating”, and so much more just in the first semester! Along with

sisterhoods, I took the initiative to get involved in committees and learning to steps to


3. Connect with older members

- As I said before, we had some “speed dating” type of events to get to know older girls that

could potentially become our bigs. I suggest going out of your comfort zone to grab coffee,

study together, or even swipe them into the dining hall to create relationships and have

someone to give you guidance. One of my best friends is my big and we have a bond like no

other. I love to call her my mom!

4. Go to other fraternities and sororities philanthropy events

- Meeting other people in different chapters throughout rush, living in the dorms, class, etc.,

opens so many doors. My freshman year, each chapter would host philanthropy events at

Old Brick Church. This was a way to make new connections, see the different philanthropies,

and get some food!

5. Spend quality time at mom and dad’s weekend

- College is a time where your parents don’t get to know your friends like they did in high

school. The weekends that they come, and visit may seem like a drag, but it is special to

them. You’ll look back and be glad you took them to the events. (It also makes them feel

young again!)

6. Attend ALL of the date parties and formal events

- From Barn Dance, 70’s, Formal, Met Gala, Roaring 20’s, to any other theme, go to all of the

date party events! These are fun nights with your sisters where you get to dress up and let

loose! You get the chance to bring a date too. I always chose to being girls from other

sororities and they would do the same for me!

7. Sporting events with your sisters

- The perks of a Big 10 school mainly revolve around awesome sports! This can be an excuse

to get out of the dorms/apartments/house, grab some sisters, and go cheer on the

Hawkeyes. Obviously, some of my favorite memories are from tailgating on Melrose and

feeling the energy in Kinnick Stadium.

8. Live with zetas

- There’s no other time in your life that you will be able to live in a house with 36 girls. Being

able to walk down the hall to hangout with your best friends is the greatest thing. My

friends and I were able to make spontaneous decisions and spend every second together.

This carried into my junior and senior year while living in a townhouse with 3 sisters. We got

to experience living on our own together and lean on each other. This also came with

freedom and fun times!

9. Have deep conversations

- Create long-lasting relationships by having hard conversations and really opening up to your

sisters. We were all picked as zetas for a reason! Being able to confide in people that have

the same values as you has been a crucial part in my college growth. I’ve been able to learn

more about myself while learning from them too.

10. Keep in touch with your sisters forever

- As an incoming senior, I begin my year of lasts. I would do anything to go back and do it all

over again. It makes me tear up at the thought of not being down the hall from my sisters

anymore. I’ll forever cherish the memories I made at Zeta Tau Alpha and can’t wait to make

this year the best!

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