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"And soon enough your best friends..." - Taylor Swift's Eras Tour is Bringing ZTA Sisters Together

An Eras Tour Recap!

By: Maddie Willis

On June 2nd, I had the privilege of attending Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour,” in Chicago Illinois. I am fortunate enough to have been in attendance for the past four tours, including Eras and dating back to Red.

Before the tour started on Friday, we hit up the merch truck on Thursday where I got the infamous blue crewneck and a t-shirt with Taylor Swift’s face plastered all over the front. This t-shirt I wear

quite often with pride and joy.

The anticipation for the Eras tour was real. It included a shopping trip to the Oakbrook Center where my little, Sofia Jurasek, acted as an outfit consultant for our Eras tour fits.

It also included friendship bracelet making the entirety of the day before. My sister had a bracelet making workshop in our basement from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The morning of the concert, we made our way downtown at 10:30 a.m. As we walked into the stadium, I had never seen more people inside of Soldier Field. As mentioned before, I saw both Red and 1989 at Soldier Field. At the beginning of May, I also attended a Luke Combs concert at Soldier Field, and never in my life have I seen more people in attendance at a concert then I did the night of the Eras tour.

Nothing will ever compare to the feeling I experienced when the clock countdown to Taylor began. I jumped up and down screaming, and beamed with nothing but utter happiness. In the words of Taylor herself, “it’s been a long time coming…”

After seeing her perform 9 eras, two surprise songs, and over three hours of music, I can easily say that being in attendance at the Eras tour was one of the best nights of my life.

I didn’t have the best seat in the house, but at a Taylor Swift Concert, there isn’t a bad seat in the entirety of the stadium. From the tippy-top of Soldier Field I could see every detail and moving part of Swift’s interactive stage. As the snake traveled down as we left the Reputation era to the elevator moving up and down during “The Man”.

As I climbed to the top of Soldier Field, I passed a familiar face. My fellow sister, Sophie Maram, was smiling down at me. Both of us awaiting the experience of a lifetime.

When we left the stadium that evening, Swifties continued to sing songs basking in the glory of the concert. Taylor Swift outdoes herself each and every time, from the sparks falling on the stage to the fireworks at the end, to every pair of Christian Louboutin's that she wore with each era.

I am lucky to have gotten my merch, to have been in attendance at the Eras tour, and beyond lucky enough to have grown up listening to the artist of a decade, an innovator, and a true performer, who has the utmost dedication to her fans. Taylor Swift is a legend of her time and the Eras tour was the best concert of my life. I’m glad I can share my love for her with my ZTA sisters!

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