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A Day In The Life At The Zouse by Ilish Rodeffer

Hello everyone! Today is Monday, October 18th and I want to give you all a little insight into my days as a Zeta living in the house. I like waking up early and getting a good start to my day, so early morning yoga is my favorite. My Zeta besties and I try to wake up early every Monday to go to a yoga class at the campus recreational center at 5:00 AM. Starting the morning

off with yoga is such a great way to get the day started. I always feel so refreshed and ready to take on the day afterward. After yoga, we came back to the house and headed down to the kitchenette where we made some breakfast. We spent about half an hour in the dining room together eating breakfast and talking with each other. I love being able to just walk down to the dining room and have a friend to talk to.

Living in the same house as all your best friends is so fun and make life a lot easier when you want to do stuff together. After we finished breakfast we went our separate ways for the day. I have class at nine-thirty so I was able to head up to my room and grab my bag and stuff I wanted to take to classes with me. I have a few morning classes on Mondays and then have the whole afternoon off, so I usually try to find somewhere on campus to study for a little bit. But today I decided to head back to the house because Chef Ryan made one of my favorite meals for lunch! Today he made us a baked potato bar and it was so good. We had regular potatoes and sweet potatoes and lots of good toppings. After lunch, I decided to just hang out in my room for a little bit before me and my roommate Emily took a quick trip to Coral Ridge Mall to do some shopping. I am so happy I decided to bring my car to campus with me this year. It has given me ample opportunities to go on late-night ice cream runs with my best friends, especially since we all live in the same place! We got back from the mall just in time to head to chapter. We usually carpool to chapter so we stopped by the Zouse and picked up a few more of our sisters before we headed there. Getting to see all my sisters at chapter is super fun, especially when we get to do a sunshine activity, which is my favorite!

After chapter, we usually head back to the Zouse and just hang out. My friends, Taylor and Emily, and I love to make popcorn and hang out in our room and talk about our days and whatever comes about, so that’s what we did tonight. We ended up going to bed pretty early since we had woken up pretty early.

I am really happy I decided to live in the house. It has made this year so much fun already and we are only halfway through the first semester! Freshman- if you’re debating whether you want to live in or not, do it! It is such a great way to connect with more girls in your pledge class. You never know, you may meet your best friend!


Ilish Rodeffer

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