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About the ZTA Merit Award

Sisterhood is forever, especially when you’re a ZTA. Even after graduation, the rewards of sisterhood remain and the opportunities to give back as an alumna are limitless. Zeta Tau Alpha alumnae can be rewarded for their contributions in many ways, one being the Certificate of Merit Award. The Certificate of Merit is the highest award given to alumnae for their service at the local level. It requires a minimum of 7 years of significant service to the Fraternity to be eligible. To receive the Certificate of Merit Award, it is also required that there is unanimous approval of the National Council. Alumnae who receive this extraordinary award devote service to the Fraternity beyond what is expected of them! I had the opportunity to speak with a Zeta Tau Alpha alum who has received the Certificate of Merit award and discussed what being a recipient of the award means to her.

“ZTA is an organization that has brought me out of my shell. Originally from the midwest, I moved to California shortly after I got married. My husband was offered a job in Orange County, and I knew NO ONE. Zeta alumnae members reached out to me to help me connect and join their alumnae chapters. It was that interaction that helped me feel at home again. I have made many connections and lifelong friendships through Zeta. The alumnae world helped me reconnect with Zeta on a different level. I wanted to give back and help our collegians by providing support and help encourage them to become leaders not only within ZTA, but also on campus. I have also volunteered in many roles within the Alumnae Chapters as an officer. After attending my first convention in 2008, I was amazed at all of the achievements of the other chapters. I wanted to set goals for my alumnae chapter to win those awards. As my alumnae grew and flourished, so did I. Choosing ZTA has been the best choice I made in college. It is not just four years, it is for life!”
- Barb Chang-Holt, District President

When describing what the award means to her, Barb also said that earning the Certificate of Merit award is something you are passionate about and something that makes you want to do great things. ZTA impacts the lives of every sister who joins our Fraternity, even after the four years are over. The opportunities that alumnae have to continue “to prepare for service and learn the nobility of serving” and get involved with the chapter outside of college are endless.

After graduation, there are many ways to get involved as an alum. You can join an Alumnae Chapter and experience new friendships with other ZTA alumnae, networking opportunities, community service events, social activities, mentoring younger Zetas and much more. You can also join ZTAlways if there is not an Alumnae Chapter in your area! Along with a variety of different awards that alumnae can receive, there are events such as Zeta Day and Convention that you can attend. Joining the Zeta Tau Alpha sisterhood is much more than four years, it’s for life.

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