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Significance of the Strawberry

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

It doesn’t just stop at the crown, Zeta Tau Alpha has a second

symbol: the strawberry. This sweet and often overlooked fruit is embedded in our chapter's history.

An admirer of Mary Campbell Jones, one of ZTA’s founders, sent her a gift of strawberries. The delicious present prompted the group of nine friends to host their first social gathering and to become officially recognized as a campus organization. This sweet gift gave those girls the nudge they needed to begin what has become the thriving network of strong women we know and love today. In the past 2 years Zeta Tau Alpha has raised over 6 million dollars nationwide, and has passed out 1.5 million pink ribbons. The strawberry teaches us the importance of giving and how sometimes it is the small things in life that ignite large movements.

During this past formal recruitment, Alpha Omicron gave PNMs (potential new members) chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy during preference round. The strawberry is a symbol of love for this sisterhood and we were so happy to share this special piece of our national history with the PNMs.

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