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Dear New Members,

Dear New Members,

Congratulations! You have just made a life-changing choice to join Zeta Tau Alpha - the excitement of experiencing Fraternity and Sorority Life at Iowa is just beginning. Though this semester may look different than you envisioned, you made the right choice in joining the Panhellenic community this fall.

During quarantine, I stayed with my family in Minnesota, and when things got hard I found comfort in the fact that I had 100+ women that I know could be on Facetime in 5 minutes if I needed them. This kind of bond is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, and I feel so blessed to have such deep connections with the women I have met through Zeta Tau Alpha. Though I didn’t personally meet all of you during recruitment, I know that each and every one of you is here for a reason.

Even in this time of immense uncertainty, there are a couple of things of which I am certain:

ZTA is here to support you - through the good times and the bad. You have just joined a community of women that will walk with you through every hard day, every success, and all the things in between. When the University transitioned to fully virtual learning in March, this sisterhood persisted by creating intentional spaces for continued support and bonding through Zoom programming! Though we are currently staying physically apart to protect our sisters, families, and the Iowa City community, you will still have an abundance of opportunities to get the most out of your membership this semester.

ZTA is so excited to welcome you home, and you’re here for a reason! During your time as a collegiate member of ZTA, you will have the opportunity to grow as an individual, become an advocate for women, empower yourself and others through our philanthropy, meet your closest friends, be a leader on campus, become a mentor to your little sister, and much more. Please know that each and every one of you is already so loved by the women of Zeta - we are so excited to welcome you home!

I know you all will make a difference in Zeta Tau Alpha - and I am so excited for your next four years in this amazing organization! I am so excited to get to know you all - please know that I am here for you at any time via text, email, call, zoom, etc. so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Zeta love and mine (ZLAM),

Ella Daniels

VP 2, New Member Coordinator

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