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Dear PNM by Kyla Daley

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Dear PNM,

I wanted to start off by saying look at you go! In the midst of an overwhelmly unknown period of our lives, you decided to commit to making the most out of your college experience. I am so excited for you!

My name is Kyla Daley and I am a senior in Zeta. Reflecting back on my experience as both a PNM and a recruiter, I have a few things I wanted to share with you.

First off, throw everything you have previously heard about greek life out the window. What I know now is that your greek life experience at the University of Iowa will be completely different than any other university. Although there are so many similarities, every campus is different! You will feel way better walking in with an open mind and open heart. Although it's completely natural to compare your experiences to others, your experience is going to be unique and special to you. Remember that.

Second, EVERYONE is nervous! Most of the women you will talk to throughout your recruitment experience will be first time recruiters. They have been working so hard preparing to talk to you and they want you to like them just as much as they like you. Being nervous means you care! Embrace your nerves and know that it is completely normal.

Third, stay true to who you are. This is so important. Talk about things that make you happy and don't be afraid to express your passion for the things you love most. You want to be surrounded by women that make you feel empowered and push you to your fullest potential. This truly starts with being vulnerable and sharing your truest self. You are awesome! Be proud of who you are!

Lastly, the best is yet to come. The recruitment process is such a small part of your experience as a sorority woman. In the months and years that follow you will meet some of your best friends, grow as a leader, and be exposed to such a variety of opportunities on campus. When you feel overwhelmed, disheartened, or defeated, remember that everyone is feeling the same way. This process is tiring. You WILL feel a range of emotions, and that is okay. Cry it out, call your mom, talk with your hometown friends, journal, do what you need to do to sort through it all, but don't give up. These women are so excited to meet you and they want to help you find a chapter that is the absolute best fit for you.

Be kind to yourself and most importantly, have fun!

With love,


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