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Finding My Home in ZTA

Let’s just start off by saying Zeta Tau Alpha is something special. Yes, I am biased, but I really am surrounded by an amazing group of women.

The first few weeks of college were overwhelming and scary. Before recruitment I did not know where I belonged in Iowa City. The school felt huge and full of so many possibilities. Being a freshman in a pandemic is especially hard just because there are so many things going on in the world around you.

Recruitment was intimidating and a little stressful. It is not an easy process, but I knew I should trust it! As a PNM you may hear that a lot, but it is SO true. Every time I went back to the *virtual* Zeta house all of the stress went away. I felt welcomed for who I am and happy every time I left the zoom call. :,) I listened to girls tell their stories of how they met their best friends through Zeta and how trusting the process led them to their future home! I just got that gut feeling that Zeta was where I belonged.

Getting a bid to Zeta Tau Alpha was a huge highlight of freshman year, and on top of that I met one of my best friends on Bid Day! Slowly but surely I started meeting more Zeta girls and we all became so close in such a short amount of time.

Life would truly be so different with out these amazing Zetas that I have met and I am so blessed to have such a great group of best friends that I know will be in my life forever.

I know the memories that we have made together and the laughs that we have shared are just the beginning! I have never been in a group with such like-minded people, that care so much about others. I know that these girls will always be there for me and will always have my back.

Follow your heart because it will lead you right to your home!


Chloe Lewis

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