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Living at the Zouse

When I first joined zeta, I didn’t know if living in was right for me. I was so nervous about living in a house full of 35 girls. That sounded a little intimidating to me, and I wasn't sure if I would

get along with everybody. But, after I got a spot in the house, I knew it would be so fun to live in! Moving in I was a little nervous, the house seemed so big and there were so many people around. So many questions popped into my head: “Would I get along with my roommate?”, “Would I make new friends?”, or other silly questions like how am I gonna share a room and a bathroom again? Little did I know, it would be the best experience ever.

I have loved every second of being in the house. From seeing people in the hall to late night movie nights with people on your floor, there is always someone home and someone to talk to! My roommate, Ilish, has made this experience so amazing. She’s always down to hang out, go get coffee, or do homework together somewhere in the house. She is always there for me, as well as the rest of the house. We always find new stuff to do together and she’s the best roomie ever!

Having so many people on your floor is so fun too. Everyone is always so welcoming and I have made so many new friends because of it. Since we all live so close to each other, it is so easy to make those connections!! You will find your place and make your new best friends! If you’re having a bad day or want to celebrate a good grade on an exam, there is always someone there. Seriously, the girls that live in are always someone I can rely on. They are your sisters and best friends, and they want to see you succeed too :)

I also have found myself more involved because I live in the house! Everyone is always going to the sisterhoods and the educationals, so I always try to go to these events when I can. It’s so fun getting out of the house (even though we love it) and seeing other members of our chapter too!!

There is always someone who will hang out with you, go get ice cream with you (my favorite thing to do!!), and go find somewhere to study too! I have met so many of my best friends through living in the house and it has been one of the best college experiences ever! If you are a new member and are on the fence about it, DO IT!!! I promise you will find your place and have the best sophomore year ever!


Emily Hess

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