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The Value of Sisterhood(s)

Hi! My name is Aubrey McFadden and I joined Zeta Tau Alpha in the fall of 2021. I remember before attending college I was not planning on going through recruitment. I didn’t have any family members in Greek life and wasn’t really sure what all it entailed. I decided at the last minute to sign up, and I’m so grateful I did. I have met some of my best friends through

Zeta Tau Alpha, and one of the ways I established meaningful connections was through our SISTERHOODS!!

Sisterhoods are events put on for the whole chapter or for different pledge classes that help bring sisters together, and they have given me some of my favorite memories from my first year of college. Here is a little peak into a few of the sisterhoods we had this year! Shoutout to Molly Walzer, Maggie McCoy, and Katelyn Woodward for planning these events for us!

One of the first sisterhoods I attended was at Wilson’s Orchard and Farm in the fall. It was a great way to meet older girls in other pledge classes and get to know the girls in my own pledge class. We got the best frozen apple cider and went pumpkin/apple picking!

We also do a lot of events around the holidays, which is really nice especially when you are away from your family for so long. Some of my favorites were Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. For Valentine’s Day we did a Galentine's day celebration with white elephant gifts, Molly’s cupcakes (from the first winner of Cupcake Wars!), and other fun snacks. For St. Patrick’s Day we all dressed up in green and made bracelets. We also had the Lucky Charms marshmallows as a snack – my favorite.

Another super fun event we had was tote bag painting. This event was for the pledge class of 2021 and the pledge class of 2018. We customized our bags while singing along to throwback music. This was such a great opportunity to get closer with the seniors in ZTA and I ended up finding out I had classes with some of them!

I think my favorite sisterhood so far has been Zumba at the Campus Recreation Center. A lot of us got up early, went to Zumba, and ended up becoming Facebook friends with the instructor. Everyone should join the group Dancing Satomi Style Zumba on Facebook! Never in my life would I have thought I would do a Zumba class, but I’m grateful to my sisters for getting me out of my comfort zone and helping me try new things.

Overall, I have found that getting involved and going to fun events like sisterhoods have helped me become so much closer with my sisters and create deeper friendships. The activities we do together are so fun, but it’s the people we do them with that make them so meaningful. I’m so grateful for ZTA and cannot wait to make more memories this year!


Aubrey McFadden

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