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What Zeta Means To Me.

To me, Zeta is much more than just a crown and a name, to me it is family. There is nothing I love more than being a zeta. Zeta has helped me to become a leader and brought me my forever friends.

When I first came to college I really struggled to find people that truly related to me, and who treated me with respect and integrity. I felt so lonely after moving to Iowa City. I missed my dog, my parents, and my friends at home. I even considered transferring to a University closer to home for the first several months. However, Zeta changed that for me!

Thanks to Zeta I found the people that I love spending my time with more than anything! I found my family and the people who I can always count on. From my bid day buddy (love you Lauren!) to every member I meet, these are my people. I am so thankful that Zeta has brought me my best friends. The people who I have endless study dates with, endless pizza and movie nights, endless laughs, and everything! I am so grateful to have so many amazing girls in my corner who I can always count on, and that's thanks to Zeta.

I no longer call my parents everyday to come home, something that I am sure they are grateful for. I also am simply happy being here. I smile everyday and am so thankful to be surrounded by these amazing people who truly have made me feel at home here.

I am also thankful for the leadership qualities Zeta has helped me to develop. As one of Zeta's nine key values, leadership is a very important skill Zeta teaches its members. Thanks to Zeta, I have been able to take on leadership roles such as being director of sisterhoods, and I have learned so much. Getting to help co-lead a team that helps bring our sisterhood together is so fun and has made me so much better at communicating and planning. I am so thankful that Zeta has taught me the crucial skills to be a leader and thrive. I know these skills will be essential for me to have for the rest of my life.

Every single key value of Zeta represents who we are and what we do for each other, as well as our community. Our dedication to service and philanthropy have helped me connect with my community as well as the nation. Through partners such as the NFL as well as working towards the same cause with all of our Zeta chapters, it helps to make Zetas presence known everywhere, as well as make a change everywhere. Being able to help change lives increases this feeling of fulfillment in one's life in such an irresponsible way!

To me, Zeta truly does mean everything, and I am grateful to be a Zeta forever!



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