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Why I Chose ZTA by Lauren Graff

Looking back to high school me, whenever I thought of college, it made me extremely nervous. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel comfortable in a new place, how I was going to meet new people and get used to an overall different lifestyle.

I had a friend a year above me who had mentioned Greek life to me, so I had done research about what it was like and what you do when you are in Greek life. Upon researching, I still wasn’t sure if this was something I could see myself doing. After lots of thinking, I decided that I was going to go through the process of recruitment because I needed to step outside of my little bubble and do things that I’d usually be uncomfortable with.

Going through recruitment, you talk to so many individuals in the different chapters here. I remember when I first talked to some girls from zeta, I had felt an instant click. I felt like they knew how I was feeling in that exact moment, and they made me feel so welcome. When it came down to the last few rounds of recruitment, I was hoping each day I got to meet more people from Zeta because I really felt a true connection with them. I knew from the start that zeta was home for me.

Running home on bid day to the beautiful house of ZTA gave me such a rush. I was so excited to meet all my other sisters and for a future in the chapter of ZTA. I chose Zeta because they are truly the most heartfelt girls, they make you feel so special, and they appreciate the little things in life.

There are so many opportunities within the chapter such as leadership positions, and just opportunities to grow friendships.

I am forever grateful that I am a Zeta because I truly feel that I am where I’m supposed to be.


Lauren Graff

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