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Zeta Love and Mine: My Recruitment Story

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Hi readers! My name is Maddie Willis and last fall I became a member of the lifelong fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha. From the beginning of recruitment, I was drawn to Zeta. Right off the bat I had genuine connections with the girls I was meeting with. I could tell they were passionate about

service and leadership which at the end of this, I wanted to be in a place full of total girl boss leaders and today I am, and I am so grateful to be able to work alongside such amazing leaders and overall great people.

The second day of recruitment, I returned to what would be my future home for the philanthropy round. The VP4 at the time Kacie Frederick, would be giving her philanthropy presentation today. I listened in awe to her collaborations with various companies such as Kendra Scott, food trucks, and other local businesses in Iowa City. After the presentation, I joined my breakout room and there she was. Kacie was waiting to pref me after her presentation. I was so nervous; I could not mess this up. I did the best I could to be confident and embody humility, a core ZTA value. It is safe to say I think it went well, because here I am today writing this post for you all.

At the end of that day, when I talked to my Rho Gamma before I could submit my rankings, I

told her about my experience with zeta that day and how nervous I was to meet with Kacie. I

remember her telling me, “Maddie, they must really like you.” My confidence went through the

roof, I was so excited! I took out my phone and I looked up the address of the Zouse, because I

knew that is where I wanted to run home.

“If I don’t go zeta, I’m not going.” That is what I continued to tell myself on the last day of

recruitment. I found the place where I fit in the most. I found the place and the people who

accepted me and loved me for who I am. So, on that last day of recruitment, we were given a

core value that represents us, I was given “being rather than seeming.” I began to cry literal

tears. I couldn’t believe after just three days of meeting with these girls they could already see

who I was as a person, they knew who I was, and they think I represented zeta well, I was

overcome with joy, I couldn’t be any happier.

I knew this would be the place I would call home, and it is, and it will continue to be for many years to come. I can’t wait to watch myself grow and flourish within zeta for the next three

years and be a part of a lifelong chapter of Alumnae. Thank you for reading my zeta why!


Maddie Willis

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